When Sega announced its "Thor" movie video game earlier this week, we could only guess as to what the game would look like. Now, with a new teaser trailer and a barrage of concept art hanging out at Marvel's San Diego Comic-Con booth, fans can finally get a closer look at the game's - and possibly its film source material's - aesthetic.

While the teaser trailer doesn't reveal much aside from Thor's 3-D rendered back as he surveys a brightly colored expanse, the concept art does explore at least a few of the video game's promised nine worlds from Marvel's Norse mythology. So far fans can catch glimpses of the fiery Muspelheim and its ruler Surtur, the icy Niflheim, and the Vanir's homeland Vanaheim. There's also multiple shots of the city of Asgard, which could shed further light on the look of Thor's homeland from the upcoming film.

See "Thor" video game images and video from the floor after the jump.

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