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Top Cow Productions is injecting Comic-con International: San Diego with some additional star power with an appearance by actor and RobotChicken co-creator Seth Green and writer Hugh Sterbakov co-creators of Top Cow's Freshmen.

Freshmen II Fundamentals of Fear Trade Paperback will be debuting exclusively at Comic-Con on July 26th-29th along with an exclusive new Freese College Beavers t-shirt and an exclusive mini-lithograph. The trade paperback and t-shirt will be available separately or in an exclusive Comic-Con fan pack with the mini-lithograph. Both Green and Sterbakov will appear at the Top Cow Panel on Friday evening at 5:30pm in Room 1AB and make an exclusive signing appearance at the Top Cow booth (#2329) on Saturday from 2pm-4pm.

Freshmen II: Fundamentals of Fear Trade Paperback collects the second mini-series chronicling the experiences of a group of college outcasts banded together by the ironic powers they acquired in the Science Building of Freese College. Each member of the Freshmen developed a power based on what they were thinking about the moment the Ax-Cell-Erator exploded. In the second semester of their freshmen year, the group learns the true meaning of fear at the hands of the mysterious Mr. Fiddlesticks while struggling with their powers and secrets that threaten to tear the group apart. With art by Will Conrad (Serenity, Red Sonja) and Jorge Correa (Pirates Of The Caribbean , Stargate: SG-1) and featuring a cover gallery with art by Eric Basaldua (The Darkness Level 3), Phil Hester (Green Arrow), Scott Benefiel (Witchblade), Randy Green (Emma Frost), and Rodolfo Migliari this trade is a must have for any Freshman fan.

"The fans of this book have shown a tremendous amount of devotion and loyalty, and I can't wait to get this book into their hands," explained series writer and co-creator Sterbakov, "The second series has exciting thrills, chills and spills and, most importantly, cut to the heart of some of our characters that we weren't able to feature in the first series. From a rocky romanced turned worse to a young man trying to find himself in a world where he doesn't fit in to our heroine facing the worst possible future for herself, Freshmen II explores the biggest fears of our characters and, in some cases, makes them happen. We went all out for this collection, stuffing everything and the kitchen sink into the book, and I hope you all enjoy it!"

"It's an amazing experience getting to make this book, and we're so excited by the response so far. I'm really looking forward to sharing the next chapter of our kids lives with you all- hope you enjoy it as much as we have," added co-creator Seth Green.

The Freshmen II: Fundamentals of Fear Trade Paperback is a 160 page full-color trade paperback with a suggested retail price of $16.99. Additional information regarding Freshmen can be found at and

Freese College Beavers t-shirt

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