This is not a joke and not an imaginary story. It's a real cover.

The artwork for the fourth printing edition of the thrice sold-out Sex Criminals #1 features creators Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky dressed in sweaters, staring ahead, and in front of a portrait-studio background. It is a visual wonder that must be seen to be believed.




The blurb at the top is comedy gold. If you don't get the joke: Marvel announced earlier this week that Fraction  was being replaced as the writer on Inhuman by writer Charles Soule, and Zdarsky has made his weird, joking-but-also-kind-of-realistic Facebook conversations with Applebee's a running gag on his Tumblr.

If you'd like to order this version of Sex Criminals #1, you can ask your local comic book retailer to use Diamond code is OCT138368, according to Image's blog. If you'd just like to read it, the issue remains free at digital comics retailer ComiXology.

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