A shadow is falling over the streets of New York City, and none of Marvel's urban champions are safe. Guess that's just what happens when a frustrated blind lawyer gets put in charge of an evil mystical ninja clan.

In "Shadowland" #1-5 Andy Diggle ("The Losers") and artist Billy Tan will explore the fallout that occurs after Daredevil relocates The Hand's Shadow Temple to Hell's Kitchen, crossing a line he can't return from and very possibly committing to a costume change as a result.Referred to as "The War for New York," during the Mondo Marvel Panel at C2E2, the storyline will reportedly pit cats and kittens like Luke Cage, Elektra, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Wolverine, Moon Knight and more against the Man Without Fear and his new army - potentially as he dons a recolored costume.

"Shadowland" #1 hits in July and has no affiliation with TheShadowlands.net, the paranormal site with a design stuck in '94 that I look at every year around Halloween for unverified haunted locations.

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