It would have been only natural for you to have seen EA's new downloadable game "Shank" and said, "Wow, I bet whoever drew the artwork for this sidescroller could really go to town drawing Superman, G.I. Joe villains and wide range of other comic book personalities." If that was your reaction, you have keen instincts, because Jeff Agala already envisioned what a lot of your favorite heroes would look like in an Adult Swim-styled world.Hellboy, Wonder Woman and Wolverine get juiced up and cartoony on Agala's art blog, and his renditions of The Hulk driving a car almost makes me think a Hulk character kart-racing game could be a good idea. [Ed. note: That's because this is an amazing idea.]

Seeing Logan as a guest-star on "Dexter's Laboratory" may not have ever seemed like a great un-executed idea to you before today, but give his portfolio a once-over and you will very likely change your tune.