A few months back, Dwayne Johnson hinted at an earlier release date for Warner Bros.’ Shazam, in which the actor is set to play the villain, Black Adam. The film has been scheduled for a 2019 release on WB’s big, busy superhero slate, but Johnson is once again promising that we’ll get to see Shazam much sooner than that.

In a new interview promoting his disaster action flick San Andreas, Johnson teases an earlier Shazam release (around the 1:35 mark in that video). When he’s asked about the release date, Johnson responds, “No, I don’t think it is going to be that far away. It’s going to be earlier than that. I don’t think 2019.”

If true, that might cause a shakeup in WB’s DC superhero movie schedule. Both Shazam and the second Justice League film are supposed to hit in 2019. If Shazam is moved up to, say, 2017, that could push Wonder Woman or the first Justice League movie back a year. It doesn’t seem likely that they’ll move Wonder Woman at this point, with director Patty Jenkins recently attached and pre-production scheduled to begin soon. Maybe they’ll move Justice League back, which would give us both films back-to-back over a year.

There’s also the possibility that WB could release Shazam, Justice League and Wonder Woman all in the same year, although that seems unlikely given their current plan.

For now, Shazam is still scheduled to hit theaters in 2019, although we might be hearing something different — and official — from WB soon.