For the most part, Iron Man collectibles released in the time since the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked the doors open on Iron Man fandom have been focused on the armored Avenger's silver screen persona. Comic and animated versions of the character have popped up, but by far the Hall of Armor from the films has hogged the spotlight. That's why it's genuinely exciting to see a whole new interpretation brought into the fold among the litany of repetitive Stark designs.

Sideshow Collectibles is no stranger to the Iron Man phenomenon, but like many other licensees, has been sticking to the popular MCU incarnation of the character as of late. It's actually kicking off a new statue series called Avengers Assemble, which will eventually feature the four big founding members of the team, with Tony Stark in some armor that pays tribute to his classic comic roots with a bit of a modern twist.

This iteration has a lot in common with his mid-70s design by Herb Trimpe, though it throws in a few flourishes to make it just different enough. The plating on the arms and legs isn't one solid piece, and the exposing flexible elements adds some needed variation to shake up all that yellow. The red torso has the same metalworking, which eliminates some of the smoothness of the comic design, but gives it a much better look in physical form.

The Iron Man Avengers Assemble statue is available for pre-order now for $360.00. It's expected to arrive in Q3 2017. A Sideshow exclusive version will also include an alternate head sculpt with the pointy yellow faceplate.