Is it the suit that makes the man, or the man that makes the suit? In Lex Luthor's case, it's probably a bit of both. The guy is one of the smartest in the DC Universe, but all the brains in the world can't help him take on Superman mano a alieno. (Yes, hand-to-alien; shush pedants.) That's what drives him, in part, to develop his big, bad power suit. Sure, the suit itself didn't come around until the '80s, meaning it took Lex almost 30 years to realize he'd need some assistance to take on the Man of Steel, but all that matters is that he got there eventually.

While Luthor and his bold purple and green power armor have been celebrated with action figures as far back as Super Powers in 1984, the LexCorp founder hasn't been captured quite like he has in Sideshow Collectibles' latest statue. Co-designed by Kris Anka, who's had his hand in many of Sideshow's DC Premium Format Figures, Lex stands atop a LexCorp building, poised to give Superman his comeuppance. Just look at that smarmy bastard. It's hard not to admire that unflinching confidence in the face of a man (from another planet) who is clearly better than you.

The suit itself has evolved a bit from its initial appearance back in Action Comics #544, but there are some design elements that have managed to stick with it through the past three decades. The big collar and triptych power cell, as well as the color scheme, have all been a part of the suit since Luthor first armored up. The armor pattern has been altered a bit, but that's true of the suit almost every time a new artist puts his/her spin on it. I do like the air of superiority Luthor is able to pull off despite needing assistance to even begin thinking about matching up against Superman.

The Lex Luthor Power Suit Premium Format Figure will be available for pre-order beginning this Thursday for $529.99. The Sideshow-exclusive version will also include an alternate hand holding a chunk of Kryptonite. You know, in case the suit of armor still wasn't enough.


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