From Blackest Night to Flashpoint, today's super-hero comics are all built around the Big Event. But what if those stories had happened forty, fifty, or even sixty years ago? That's the question that ComicsAlliance is trying to answer with the help of artist Kerry Callen (who drew the incredible "Silver Age Marvel" pieces), by reimagining how the biggest modern-day DC Comics event comics would have looked in the Silver Age! This week, we take a look at what Superman's walking tour of America might've been like if "Grounded" hit shelves in the Silver Age!

Check out the full-size cover below!

Visitors from all over the world come to the great city of Metropolis for the chance to see Superman soaring over its buildings! But now, they're seeing a much stranger sight when Superman becomes a Super-Drifter walking the highways and back roads on a trip out of Metropolis and across the country!

What strange force could have possibly compelled the Action Ace to abandon his home city in favor of boxcar rides and odd jobs? Will he use his X-Ray vision to cook a can of beans or carve strange sigils into a fencepost? Will he construct a Shanty of Solitude?

Find out why the Man of Steel becomes a Man of the Road in this exciting story, when Superman becomes... Grounded!

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