Convention season is well under way, offering fans the chance to come face to face with their favorite artists, and offering artists a chance to meet the people their art has inspired. Conventions are also a chance for fans to show their appreciation by commissioning original pieces featuring some of their favorite characters, and every convention produces a feast of amazing works that deserve to be shared with a wider audience. With Sketchbook Spotlight, we’re picking out some of the best.

Evan 'Doc' Shaner is probably best known to fans as an artist who loves to celebrate the two-fisted pulp joy and derring-do of superheroes --- a love exemplified in his work on Flash Gordon at Dynamite, and his too-brief turn drawing the Big Red Cheese in Convergence: Shazam. It also comes through in his sketches, and we've collected a few favorites here, including commissions, warm-ups, and personal pieces. We also asked Shaner to participate in our short Sketchbook Spotlight Q&A.

Comics Alliance: What's your favorite part of attending a convention?

Evan Shaner: Meeting folks, absolutely. As an artist I could always stand to get out a little more than I do, so it's always nice to meet and talk with new people. Especially when it's over comics.

CA: What are you most often asked to draw?

ES: Mostly pulp or Golden Age characters. There was a long streak where I'd only get asked for either The Shadow or The Rocketeer. Lately it's a lot more Superman and Captain Marvel, which I don't mind one bit.

CA: What's the best or weirdest thing you've ever been asked to draw?

ES: Captain Marvel punching out Alligator Men was a fun one. I've got one with Kamandi and Lockjaw teaming up that's on the table, looking forward to that. I'm likely forgetting some really fun ones. A few folks seem to know I like drawing a good gag and have come up with great ideas.

CA: Everyone draws Batman. How is your Batman?

ES: My Batman, at least lately, tends to be a bit leaner. Not sure why. I don't draw him all that often though, so maybe that's changed. Unless you count the Gotham by Gaslight Batman, which I've been drawing a whole lot of for work.


Evan Shaner
Evan Shaner


CA: If someone wants a commission from you, how should they go about it?

ES: Unfortunately, at the moment I'm not taking any regular commissions. I've got a number of very patient folks waiting on sketches, and between work and family I just don't have any time to take them these days. When I do though, I try to be very vocal about how to get in touch with me and commission something through I do take pre-convention pickup commissions on occasion, so that would be the best bet for someone who's interested.


Follow Evan Shaner on Tumblr or on Twitter to see more commissions and to find out which shows he’s attending and accepting commissions for.


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