The third episode of the season (titled 'Fierce') features our supergirl Kara trying to fit in on Earth. Naturally the best way to do this is by entering a beauty pageant (Miss Sweet Corn). Right away we find a trio of super hot BFFs fighting for the same crown. Moments after strutting down Smallville's main street, looking way more Rodeo Drive than small-town Kansas, one of the girls is offed. How? She's mysteriously frozen to death, setting up the remainder of the episode. Wait, didn't we already see the "freezing people to death" story back in season 1?

And so it goes, the 'Smallville' writers haven't fully exhausted the "krypto-freak" idea. The beauty trio-now-duo, it turns out, were caught together in the second meteor shower and now have the power to create weather-related phenomena (like the sudden freeze Bev Hills hottie #1 got caught in). They travel across the U.S. entering competitions, then sneak off to rob something high profile. Smallville has a time capsule that's supposedly holding gold that the girls are eyeing -- which explains why they're in town in the first place.

It wouldn't be 'Smallville' if the Kents/Els didn't get involved. Careless Kara is witnessed by a weather girl using her abilities and then enlisted to retrieve the lusted-after gold. Kara notices a Kryptonian symbol on the map she's handed (leading to the treasure) and decides to rob the time capsule herself. Quick scene change to the pageant where -- SURPRISE! -- Kara wins the title. Not so fast, love. The cops are onto her and she's promptly arrested for robbery. Uh oh! Not to worry, though, as cousin Clark is on the case and, in the end, the two find a new Kryptonian souvenier, which, according to Kara, means the Kryptonian that left it is still on Earth. Way to open things up for new storylines!

The rest of the episode features a little bit of Lana (blowing off Lex and loving up on Clark), some Chloe and Jimmy (looks like Chloe, once again, has some man competition!), and a Lex/Kara first encounter. He found her! Despite his attempts, Kara is no dummy and won't give up any info to Lex admitting she had saved him. Good girl.

Now I'm a HUUUUUUGE 'Smallville' fan. But I can't help but be a little disappointed with the tired "freak-of-the week" stories. Sure, tonight set up future episodes. But next week's preview doesn't look any more promising either (although I'm definitely excited for the Dean Cain cameo!). The only glimmer of excitement was the developing Lex angle. I know I, for one, let out a little cheer when I saw that familiar steel, cold Luther Corp building exterior. I'm hoping for better in the near future. I mean it IS the last season after all! We only have so much time with our beloved show!

Am I the only one who wasn't completely into it? Love to hear your thoughts on this one.

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