Catwoman has been depicted in a wide range of official and non-DC-sanctioned ways over the years. Whether she's being played onscreen by Julie Newmar or drawn by an admiring artist who prefers overt sexualization to understatement, Batman's favorite cat burglar always wears her stretchy outfit of choice with style, and a talented French creator who goes by the name "Bengal" remained keenly aware of her black suit's properties while producing an impressive series of Selina Kyle paintings.The spirit of Adam Hughes' brilliant covers is alive and well in Bengal's work, but these pieces really take on a life of their own with the costume's simplified shape and Selina's provocative poses. They've all got attitude and pack a wide range of perspectives.

We've tucked the highlights below, and you should be able to find a few more examples over at the Trixie's Treats blog.

[Via Super Punch]