A few weeks ago, thanks to my obsessive use of Google Alerts, I discovered something amazing. A spam blog of sorts, that takes posts from prominent comic book blogs -- including ComicsAlliance -- and apparently translates them into another language, and then back into English. The Cool Kids Table has an extensive post delving into the site, which is bizarre and occasionally so amazing that I cannot even tell you -- I have to show you.

Check out this spectacular "Transformers 2" review, originally posted here, which in its reconstituted Babelfish form somehow manages to make the movie sound good. The post is titled "Transformers 2: Less Than Meets the Eye- Dallas aptitude, cover, theater, music, gambol, architecture, ideas, stories, technique of Ð’lan full of life, life":

After withstanding the two-and-a-half hour sensory onslaught that is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I was squeezed in a effective behind three eleven- or twelve-year-old boys filing outdoors of the theater. There was a glare in their eyes as they discussed the intricacies of what we had all well-grounded seen: whose enthusiastic desire power was ripped outdoors... I was a uninitiated threadbare outdoors at this specifics Typography fist. The Transformers development is unchanged and ennuyant, and the extended effective sequences were so over-stylized, the computer-generated prime effects so daedal, reflecting and bombarding, I exceedingly couldn't dream up outdoors what was in the money on for of much of the covering.

It is an heinous covering, with a contrived depict and simple no greater than harmonious nail-biting, itchy of your enthrone moments. But these uninitiated kids dug it. The covering lumbers like a wounded drudge.

It's like goddamn poetry. For another example of the gloriously insane alchemy this blog produces, first look at this original excerpt from my post on Michael Jackson in comics:

The King of Pop is dead. Michael Jackson passed away to the sadness and shock of millions of fans worldwide -- including me. Some of my earliest musical memories involve songs like "Bad" and "Beat It," and I still remember standing in front of a mirror at age 8, trying to imitate the "leaning" trick in the "Smooth Criminal" video, falling over again and again. His music was irresistible and brilliant, and despite his best tracks coming out anywhere from 15 to 40 years ago, they still sit at the top of my iTunes -- and remain embedded in the minds of hundreds of millions.

Although he lived his life in the spotlight from a very young age -- and spent a great deal of his later years in the tabloids -- one thing that few people seem know about Jackson is that he not only loved comics, but influenced the comics industry in some interesting ways. If nothing else, check out #1 -- It'll knock your socks off.

Aaaand the spam version:

The King of Pop is two-dimensional. Michael Jackson passed away yesterday, to gloominess and horrify of millions of fans worldwide - including me. Some of my earliest lilting memories embrace songs like Bad and Beat It, and I in any event keep in mind customary in cover-up of a draw at times 8, upsetting to recap the leaning fulfil the need in the Smooth Criminal video, falling terminated again and again. Although he lived his vivacity in the forsake from a exceptionally inexperienced times - and finished a fine fantastic double-cross of his later years in the tabloids - one-liner matter that not tons people feel pay defer to hither Jackson is that he not at worst loved comics, but influenced the comics exertion in some captivating ways. His music was unconquerable and outstanding, and without considering his spectacular plunge tracks coming ended anywhere from 15 to 40 years ago, they in any event participate in at the topmost of my iTunes - and debris embedded in the minds of hundreds of millions. If nothing else, authenticate ended #1 - It'll thwack your socks snappish.

There are plenty of gems in the archives, so take a look at the site and find your own favorites if you'd got a few minutes to spare.