Various bits of news have come out of last weekend's ComicsPRO retailer meeting, and we now have one more announcement. According to reports, DC Comics will not include the "WTF Certified" logo on any of their April books, as was previously expected.Shortly after their April solicitations were released, DC Comics promoted April as "WTF Month," while releasing the above logo. The publisher's stated plan was for each title that month to have a foldout cover which, once the hidden part of the cover was revealed, was meant to shock the reader, hence the "WTF" description. DC is sticking to its plan of having gatefold covers for each issue, but the logo it released will not be appearing on any of the books.

A retailer in attendance at ComicsPRO shared the news with Newsarama, stating that DC Comics co-publisher told attendees that the WTF logo would not be used "because we don't need it."

From Newsarama:

The retailer tells Newsarama that DiDio went on to say that the books have attracted attention from the marketplace already, and that retailers and readers are now aware of the significance of the gatefold covers.

It's possible the publisher never planned on using the logo on its books, and releasing it was simply a move meant to help promote the month long, line-wide initiative. Whatever the case, this news will likely come as a relief to retailers who were concerned about the notion of selling books with a WTF logo to children, as well as parents who were not inclined to explain to their young, comic-loving kids what the "F" stood for. That's the kind of thing you should learn in public school.

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