DC's WTF month continues apace with the newly revealed gatefold cover of Superboy #19 insinuating that the titular character could be the son of a surprising pairing, though his previous appearances seemed to indicate he was a clone similar to the pre-New 52 Superboy.

Also curious: Solicited writer Tom DeFalco's name doesn't appear on the cover. Rather, the issue is credited to writer Scott Lobdell, who hasn't penned an issue of the series since #11. R.B. Silva is still credited as penciler, though.

Huge spoilers after the cut!

Could the New 52 Superboy be the son of Superman and Lois Lane?

Here's the full issue solicitation from DC:

Superboy discovers he is more than a clone-but what is the shocking secret behind his origin and birth?

If the section of the gatefold on the far-right is any indication, Lex Luthor is involved somehow, too.

For the answer to both mysteries this cover poses -- Superboy's true origin and the identity of the writer -- readers will have to wait until the issue hits comic shops and ComiXology tomorrow.

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