Spider-Man's had a complicated relationship with parkour the past few years. The first The Amazing Spider-Man movie promo footage had many fans comparing it to the opening sequence from EA's parkour-based Mirror's Edge video game. Later, Stan Lee seemed to steal the Webslinger's spotlight with a parkour video all his own. Leave it to Spider-Man fan Ronnie Shalvis to reclaim some of Spidey's glory with an impressive new video that shows how the friendly neighborhood hero gets around once he runs out of precious web fluid just in time for this weekend's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opening.

Filmed in Provo, Utah, the Spider-Man parkour video was filmed in part with cameras mounted to drones... which seems like something Alistair Smythe would be into.



This isn't, of course, Shalvis' first rodeo filming parkour videos in costume. He's suited up as Altair from the Assassin's Creed video game series  a number of times as part of a series of parkour tutorial videos and even decked the halls as Santa.

We personally wouldn't mind if he'd take another crack at Spider-Man for a sequel video with directors Cameron Manwaring and Chris Jordan plus Sky Candy Aerial Cinema. Of course, we'd want Shalvis to don a different suit -- one with a Spider Bracelet.



[Via Robot6]

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