Tara Madison Avery and Jeanne Thornton of Stacked Deck Press have announced an anthology dedicated to transgender and nonbinary cartoonists, entitled We’re Still Here, showcasing the comics medium from the transgender/nonbinary perspective. The editors are also inviting open submissions from trans/nonbinary cartoonists who want to show what they can do.

The project already has several cartoonists on board, including Christianne Benedict, creator of The Exile of Natalie Rios; Sybil Lamb, creator of Lost Little Girl Show; Scout Tran-Caffee, creator of Failing Sky; Dylan Edwards, creator of Transposes; Melanie Gillman, creator of As the Crow Flies; and Annie Mok, creator of Swim Thru Fire.

The goal of the project is to have all works created by transgender and nonbinary cartoonists, and to produce an anthology showcasing the perspectives that transgender and nonbinary people can bring to the comics form.


Sybil Lamb


Stacked Deck Press has previously published Primahood: Magenta, by Tyler Cohen, Calogrenant Book the First: Oh, What a Knight, By Gillian Cameron, and Alphabet, an anthology for Prism Comics featuring over 50 creators.

The editors are looking for new work, and will pay a page rate supported by an eventual Kickstarter. Trans creators of color are particularly encouraged to submit. If you identify as transgender or nonbinary, and you feel this is a project you want to be part of, check out the submission guidelines at the Stacked Deck Press website. Interested creators should contact Stacked Deck Press by January 9, 2017.


Annie Mok