As the famed co-creator of much of the Marvel Comics universe and cameo king of its current crop of films, Stan Lee enjoys a certain amount of leeway (*ba-dump!) when it comes to opining about pop culture. Take this week's installment of the serialized "Stan's Rants" video series. Lee somewhat dramatically explains that Thor's method of flight makes more sense to him than Superman's. While Superman's solar-powered Kryptonian cells enable him to navigate any axis without an explanation besides "He can," Thor has to chuck his mystical uru mallet Mjolnir in the direction he wishes to travel and catch a ride by holding onto its attached thong. As Wired's Angry Nerd points out, however, Thor's way is still a violation of the laws of physics fit for the gods.

Interestingly, The Angry Nerd isn't responding to Smilin' Stan. Their two videos are merely unconnected responses to this Friday's release of Thor: The Dark World. You can take in each argument below, although both should be taken with liberally measured units of salt. One or two grains will not be enough.


Stan's Rant:


The Angry Nerd on Mjolnir: