It's the unofficial "Star Wars Day" and despite the fact that it stems from a horrific pun ("May the 4th be with you"), there's plenty of cultural significance as well given that every SW film from "A New Hope" in '77 to the CGI "The Clone Wars" in '08 have opened during the month. Unnecessary justification aside, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday, including comedy site Jib Jab's new "Star Wars" movie generator that allows users to cast their own SW short by uploading fresh faces that are grafted onto modded movie footage.

We decided to gave Jib Jab's moviemaker a spin using a few disparate icons from around comics. Our casting call includes Japanese Spider-Man as Han Solo, Scott Pilgrim as Luke Skywalker, Witchblade as Princess Leia and Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury as Lando Calrissian. If anything, this crew proves the fundamental power of "The Empire Strikes Back's" storytelling (and reinforces the quality casting of the originals).

You can give our maddening video a view here, or just create your own. Either way, happy Star Wars Day![JibJab via Techcrunch]