This September is home to arguably the most anticipated shopping day of the year for many longtime Star Wars fans. Hasbro, Disney and Lucasfilm have appointed that day as "Force Friday," which will be the very first day merchandise from Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be available for purchase. If you've visited a Toys 'R Us in the past month, you may have spotted the countdown clock, ticking down to 12:01AM on Sept. 4, 2015, which will be when hundreds of stores nationwide open their doors for thousands of fans eager to get their hands on Force Awakens merchandise.

To this point, much of the upcoming slate of releases for the Force Awakens have been shrouded in secrecy. There have been hints and teases as to what to expect, but until very recently, no one outside of the major merchandisers and manufacturers really knew what was in store. That all changed about a week ago when the very first leaks started springing from the good ship Star Wars. While we've only seen a few Hasbro products in blurry pictures to this point, today Amazon (which is always good for a few leaks) accidentally pushed the pre-order pages for all of Funko's planned Force Awakens Pop figures.

The good folks over at Rebel Scum managed to grab some shots of the figures before Amazon yanked the listings back down. The selection of figures is not that surprising if you've seen any single trailer or teaser for the upcoming sequel. Curiously though, to this point there hasn't been much mention or leakage pertaining to any of the classic Star Wars heroes Luke, Han or Leia. Chewbacca and C-3PO manage to find their way into the Funko series, but that's it for the legacy characters. At least for the first wave. From what we've seen of other merchandise leaks, that seems to hold true across multiple brands. It's possible Lucasfilm and Disney are keeping the classics contained for later release since there's already so many versions of them available, but it does seem odd not to get an old man Han Solo since he was a big part of the latest trailer.

These Pops are due for release on Sept. 4, and will likely retail for the standard Funko price of $9.99.

UPDATE: Funko has asked that we remove the images of the leaked figures from this post. We will update it with official images when they are released.

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