Since 1977 Star Wars fans, shackled by the lameness of physics, have only had two options when it comes to lightsaber toys: 1. You can buy a retractable blade made of clear plastic that simulates "unsheathing" or 2. You can buy a solid saber, with a blade that's essentially a light-up tube. Hasbro sent CA the Darth Vader model from its Ultimate FX Lightsaber line and it takes the second route, adding motion-activated battle sounds to the mix for a lightweight, surprisingly sturdy toy. Priced around $35 in stores, this lightsaber treads the light-up lightsaber middleground for those who want to be able to swing with the force of a Jedi/Sith warrior, but don't want to drop a hundred bucks on more fragile, prop-grade items. See a few of my impressions of the new lightsaber after the cut.

The righteous press kit glows


Lightsaberage with just a push of a button

Play nice

It's not quite a carabiner, but it'll work

Vader and his lightsaber: Prom 1977


I haven't watched this DVD yet, but I suspect I should

Be careful around pugs

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