Charles Xavier sure knows how to ride in style - and he knows how to drink, too.

Daniel "Smeeon" Valdez is the inventor of the Steampunk Professor X Wheelchair, a device that truly lives up to its name. According to Valdez, the wheelchair was created by combining an Eastlake Victorian platform rocker built around 1875 with a power wheelchair base, with various pistons and flashy control panels added in for good measure. Of course, it wouldn't be Xavier's chair of choice without a few X insignias scattered about.

But the Steampunk Professor X Wheelchair offers an unexpected twist - the functional transportation device is essentially a bar on wheels. There are tubes in the back that can be filled with liquor (usually vodka and cranberry juice, according to the inventor) that is pumped through an ice chiller and into your mug of choice by way of a tap in the front side of the chair. I understand that being the leader of mutantkind isn't an easy task, but yeesh, Chuck... maybe it's time to lay off the sauce. We certainly wouldn't want him driving this thing under the influence, now would we?

[Link via Bleeding Cool]