Like it or not, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is only weeks away, and people are getting ready to witness the ultimate smackdown in cinemas around the world. While we all know that Superman and Batman are best friends in real life, and would never get in a fight, these confrontations have happened on occasion, in Elseworld stories such as The Dark Knight Returns and The New 52.

In preparation for the colossal clash, artist Steve Downer of The Difference creative studio has put together an infographic of previous super-brawls to see who has the upper hand heading into their biggest battle yet.

Downer’s infographic offers an overview of five previous times The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight have clashed both in comics and on television, analyzing what they had at their disposal at the time, such as Superman’s super-strength, or Batman’s power of negotiation. It summarizes the fights concisely and entertainingly, and provides a winner for each one --- and with a tied result, it looks like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the war to settle the score.

The highlight of the infographic is how much character Downer  packs into each example, infusing his own style with that of that story’s artist. Batman: Hush and Justice League: Origin were both drawn by Jim Lee, but Downer captures the feel of those stories so well that they look different enough while still recognizable, even without the text telling you where they’re from.

This infographic gives you everything you need to know to look cool in front of your friends while you wait in line for the midnight showing of Batman v Superman on March 25th. Meanwhile, our money’s on Wonder Woman to sweep the whole thing.


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