Chicago-based artist Steve Seeley taps some beloved comic book and action figure icons in his bootleg depictions of Superman, Batman and He-Man that'll make you believe that the Man of Steel can save the heck out of a grizzly bear and that adult and non-porn film star Sasha Grey could make a fine Teela if they ever push forward with a new MOTU movie. Seely's creations will also be on display off of the Internet from September 10-October 17 at Chicago's Rotofugi Gallery.

Seeley keeps it lighthearted in his renderings of Heavy Metal Skeletor and a logo-less analogue of Beppo the Super-Monkey, but he also slides in some serious pokes at the the devotion some fans have with his religious imagery and the well-endowed adult physiques many of us grew up playing with off the toy shelves. See a selection of Seeley's art after the jump.

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