Stan Lee's 'Masters Of The Universe' Action Figure Gets It All Wrong [Opinion]
While top talent -- as in, Moebius, Bruce Timm, Stan Sakai, just to name a few -- have elevated Mattel's Masters of the Universe toy, cartoon and movie franchise to something special, so far the closest thing a comic book creator had come to getting their own MOTU figure was sometime He-Man scribe Geoff Johns' childhood creation Sir Laser Lot being produced. But, thanks to the magic of... being St
Mattel Unveils New ‘Masters of the Universe’ 30th Anniversary Art
Mattel's released new Masters of the Universe art depicting He-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man, Man-At-Arms, Battlecat and more in a contemporary style befitting the franchise's 30th anniversary. Illustrated by Alvin Lee, who worked with Mattel Staff Product Designers Gabriel De La Torre and Raymond Makowski, the new art kind of blends the classic MoTU style with the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Un
Seo Kim Shows the Soft and Creepy Sides of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ And MoTU
Not every interpretation of the Masters of the Universe has to focus on heated battles or He-Man's ultra-ripped muscles. In fact, artist Seo Kim makes He-Man and Skeletor look like they're posing for a Hallmark card, and she takes similar approaches to "Dragon Ball Z" and other characters who show up in her artistic explorations...
Superman, He-Man and Sasha Grey Kick it in the Art of Steve Seeley
Chicago-based artist Steve Seeley taps some beloved comic book and action figure icons in his bootleg depictions of Superman, Batman and He-Man that'll make you believe that the Man of Steel can save the heck out of a grizzly bear and that adult and non-porn film star Sasha Grey could make a fine Teela if they ever push forward with a new MOTU movie...
Masters of the Universe Gets Re-Mastered With Fist Pumps And Claw Pumps
Some artists prefer a healthy dose of abstract impressionism in their Masters of the Universe tribute art, but others come closer to looking like Johnny Ryan in watercolors, and Tyson Bodnarchuk's work falls into the latter category. His Tri-Clops, Stinkor and Stratos renditions don't look like anything that was ever officially animated, but his love for the character designs definitely comes thro
Meggs’ Comics Crossover Paintings Get Violently Amalgamized
If you thought Ryan Heshka's "Strange Powers" exhibit took a unique approach to depicting superheroes, just wait until you see Astro Boy bursting out of a masked man's head in a series of paintings by Australian artist Meggs. Throughout his work, Meggs shows what Marvel and DC's Amalgam Comics might have looked like if their inter-universe collisions had been a bit more violent... Read M