Not every interpretation of the Masters of the Universe has to focus on heated battles or He-Man's ultra-ripped muscles. In fact, artist Seo Kim makes He-Man and Skeletor look like they're posing for a Hallmark card, and she takes similar approaches to "Dragon Ball Z" and other characters who show up in her artistic explorations.
A warped mash-up of Elmo and Mr. Potato Head appears in a Sesame Street slice of life on Kim's blog, and it looks like it could have been a storyboard panel for a very special episode where Elmo learns the perils of dropping acid. You've got to appreciate Kim's original takes on characters we've all seen a thousand times, and she even manages to do something different with Wonder Woman.

Actually, her Wonder Woman is probably going to give me nightmares tonight, though the whole "die with your boots on" motif does sound rather inspiring if you roll the phrase around in your head enough times.

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