If you visit ComicsAlliance with any frequency, you probably don't need any extra incentives to make you want to buy a well done watercolor portrait of a Masters of the Universe character. Jonathan A. Reincke is auctioning off an awesome He-Man/Battle Cat painting, however, and he's donating proceeds to the worthy Heroes Give Hope charity.

Reincke's He-Man really only demonstrates a tiny taste of what he's capable of, though. Just look at his deviantART or Etsy account to grab a glance and numerous other musclebound and animated accomplishments that he's got under his belt.
He nails the anatomy and basic design elements of every figure he paints. Not only that, his work on their accessories, such as Beast Man's whip and the Sorceress' staff looks so effortless yet precise that it's almost suspicious.

Surely if Castle Grayskull had a hall of paintings, these would be the masterpieces found hanging on its walls. Enjoy them alongside the totally outrageous Jem, select movie star versions of Count Chocula and Frankenberry, plus the '60s Batman TV series characters below.

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