If you thought Ryan Heshka's "Strange Powers" exhibit took a unique approach to depicting superheroes, just wait until you see Astro Boy bursting out of a masked man's head in a series of paintings by Australian artist Meggs. Throughout his work, Meggs shows what Marvel and DC's Amalgam Comics might have looked like if their inter-universe collisions had been a bit more violent.

In fact, the work being used to advertise Meggs' upcoming exhibition "King for a Day" at the Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne slams elements together from sources as diversely published as Captain America, Batman, Ghost Rider and Jughead. Meggs' own website contains a further look back at his past projects, which include a wicked take on MOTU, Batwoman, Catwoman and Darth Vader.

Another less subtle piece from his past stuffs Vader, Cap and Mickey Mouse together, and Astro Boy will show up in several capacities if you browse through his portfolio. If you aren't lucky enough to live near Melbourne and pay the Backwoods a visit, check out a quick gallery of our favorite Meggs paintings after the jump.

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