Some artists prefer a healthy dose of abstract impressionism in their Masters of the Universe tribute art, but others come closer to looking like Johnny Ryan in watercolors, and Tyson Bodnarchuk's work falls into the latter category. His Tri-Clops, Stinkor and Stratos renditions don't look like anything that was ever officially animated, but his love for the character designs definitely comes through.

He-Man, Skeletor and Whiplash all look like they're ready to get down and boogie in the MOTU riffs Bodnarchuk posted to his Pass the Pepper blog. Two-Bad and Spikor look a little more bewildered than anything else, though you can't help but get lost in their cute little eyes.

Toy owners should also be able to appreciate Bodnarchuk's Battlecat and Panthor re-imaginings, which get drawn extra-fierce-like and come in nearly identical shapes (as they should). Click on past the jump and you can check out a gallery of our other favorite highlights.

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