The week of X-Men ResurrXion news continues with the announcement that the new Generation X will be written by Christina Strain with art by Amilcar Pinna. The book features Jubilee leading and mentoring a team of students consisting of Bling, Eye Boy, Quentin Quire, Nature Girl, and Benjamin Deeds, plus a new character named Nathaniel Carver. It launches in Spring 2017, alongside X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, and Iceman.

Strain was previously best known as a colorist, and while she's done a ton of work for Marvel in that role, we haven't seen much of her writing yet. As she told CBR in the announcement interview for the new book, she's been studying screenwriting to make the full time transition from colorist to writer, and frankly, the prospect of a fresh voice like hers is exciting on a book like this. It's also a very welcome move to see a woman of color writing a team that's just over half people of color, especially when the upcoming Blue and Gold teams are so overwhelmingly white.

Pinna was the artist on the short-lived All-New Ultimates with Michel Fiffe, where he showed a particular talent for giving young characters a lot of personality, and that makes him the perfect artist for this book.

I've been clamoring for more Bling for ages, so I'm really excited to see her front and center here, and I never thought we'd see more of Benjamin Deeds after Bendis left the X-line, so he's a pleasant surprise. Quentin Quire's presence is surprising, since he graduated and left the school a couple of years ago, but his return will presumably be explained, and he's always a fun character to have around.

Talking to CBR, Strain named some other characters she'd like to include:

Chamber. Chamber, Chamber, Chamber, Chamber. Did I mention Chamber? After all, Jubilee’s gotta have someone to confide in, and who doesn’t love a sad boy? And there are a few other members of the original Gen X crew that I’m definitely interested in checking in on, including Husk — but don’t expect a Chamber/Husk romantic reunion. As for other ex-students, I do have an affinity for Dani Moonstar and Magik, so I imagine you’ll see them popping up at some point. And I don’t know that Andre Mexer counts as an ex-student, but hear me now: he’ll be around.

It's still a little weird that the book is called Generation X, since even Jubilee is a Millennial now thanks to comic book time. But I guess we can just ignore the real-world implications of the name, and see it as a fitting title for the next generation of X-Men.


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