Marvel Comics has finally revealed details of the last of its Resurrxion line of new X-Men titles with news that the adventures of Cable, aka Nathaniel Christopher Dayspring Askani'son Summers, will come courtesy of James Robinson and Carlos Pacheco in 2017.

Announced this week via, the title marks Robinson's return to the character, and Robinson spoke to Marvel about his history with Cable and his plans for his future. Robinson says he always regretted leaving the title so early, and through conversations with editor Mark Paniccia he realised that now would be the perfect time to return to the time-travelling mutant.

The new series will throw Cable into a Legends of Tomorrow-type situation where he has to flit between radically different time periods to stop aberrations that are having a harmful effect on the future. The one causing these problems is Conquest, a new villain who has learned to manipulate the butterfly effect in ways that are beneficial for his technocratic rule in the present.

While the interview at never actually mentions Carlos Pacheco by name, and the artist's involvement is only confirmed via a cover credit, his previous work on era-hopping stories such as Avengers Forever should make him a perfect fit for the new Cable title.

No date has been given for Cable's launch, but the Resurrxion line is planned for a spring 2017 launch.


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