Say it ain't so DC Comics! Could the most hated villain in the history of Geoff Johns really bite the dust in "Adventure Comics" #5?

DC's The Source has a cover image from said issue drawn by artist Francis Manapul, with the resurrected Black Lantern Alexander Luthor (he was good, he was evil, now he's dead and evil) striking a familiar "Crisis" pose with his homie from Earth Prime.

I can't say it would sadden too many readers - Super Boy Prime has proven himself to be one of those characters everyone loves to hate. When last we saw the destroyer of worlds he was up to zero good - trolling the message boards of a leading comic book publisher and breaking the fourth, fifth and possibly sixth walls (and I'm pretty sure I made those last two up).

If SBP is really biting the dust, it's fitting it would be in the pages of Conner Kent's monthly title given the animosity between the rivals. It's also a bit satisfying to see Alex Luthor in pain, considering he turned out to be something of a frenemy to the heroes of the DCU.

The issue doesn't drop until December, which is just in time for the holiday season - making it the perfect gift for the SBP hater in your life.