Halloween is fast approaching, and that means that it's time once again to consider one of the most inexplicable "treats" of the season: Candy Corn. Try as we might, we here at ComicsAlliance simply cannot figure out why this stuff exists. Since it's just tiny little lumps of solidified sugar -- candy in its purest form -- you'd think that Candy Corn would be great, but in reality, it always falls short of our expectations. [Editor's note: No, it doesn't.]

But what if there was something more to it? What if Candy Corn rejected the traditional orange/yellow/white color scheme in favor patterning itself after our favorite comic book characters? They probably still wouldn't taste that great, but at least we'd have something nice to look at! That's why today, we've imagined 18 pieces of Super-Hero Candy Corn! See if you can guess them all after the cut!

For the record, we've given you 9 characters from DC, 8 from Marvel, and one lonely independent! Leave your guesses in the comments below!