With all the crime-fighting, crime-plotting, interdimensional crises and life sentences to Arkham Asylum, the heroes and villains of our favorite comic books rarely get the chance to kick out the jams with a good old-fashioned dance party. Fortunately, cartoonist Jesse Lonergan has taken it upon himself to solve that problem.

In a series of pictures drawn for his website, Lonergan has pulled the heroes and villains of the Batman, Spider-Man and Star Wars franchises onto the dance floor, and the results are absolutely fantastic: Harley Quinn in mid-pirouette, Poison Ivy rocking Beyonce's "Singles Ladies" moves, the Kingpin going old school with the Running Man, swing-dancing Goblins (both Green and Hob) and even the Joker striking a pose to "Vogue."

That's right. The Joker. Voguing. Put some beats on the jambox and check out our favorites after the jump!


The Joker

Mr. Freeze (and his dancing polar bears)

The Riddler, Query and Echo

Poison Ivy





The Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin

The Kingpin


Mary Jane Watson



For more characters and larger images, make sure to check out Lonergan's website!

(Thanks to Phillip Ginder for the tip!)

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