Last Friday, we announced the all-new Superman family of comic book titles for the DC Comics relaunch in September, with new takes on Action Comics, Superman, Superboy, and last but not least, Supergirl, where the young female Kryptonian can be seen sporting a brand-new costume in the teaser art.

Reactions to the new costume have been mixed, as they usually are, and it seemed to quash the rumor that all the ladies of the new DCU would now be fighting crime with the benefit of pants. Still, we couldn't help noting that artist and Invincible co-creator Cory Walker has been posting regular redesigns of the Supergirl costume for over a year now, including a few that might even be superior to the official. We've posted some of our favorites here, and you can see even more of the rather large collection of creative take on Supergirl at Walker's blog.

What do you think about the new Supergirl costume design? Did you prefer the classic look, or were you hoping for something completely different?

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