The word "photobomb" is relatively new -- most of us only learned it recently, thanks to a certain Canadian ground squirrel -- but the phenomenon has been around for as long as cameras. And really, if there'd been any possible way to photobomb a painting, I'm sure some histortical douchebag out there would have done that too. Photobombers are the sort of people who jump around behind local news cameras acting like idiots, transplanted to the background of your birthday party pictures.

Yes, hotobombers are among us, and the site This Is Photobomb has been compiling a steady stream of their handiwork, including a few superhero-themed winners that I've included below, along with one of my own. I have no context whatsoever for any of these, which is half the fun.

You got any superhero photobombs to add to the list?

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