Despite being fictional, superheroes can still save you from a lot of things: Boredom, the crushing quotidian grind of your daily life, and thanks to these Marvel superhero ski masks, the cold.

They come in Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk, the Punisher, Iron Man, and Spider-Man styles, and while it's doubtful that perpetual pauper Peter Parker would be a frequent visitor to Aspen, or that blue-collar vigilante Frank Castle would enjoy sipping cocoa at the lodge, the best part of a secret identity is that it allows you to leave the limitations of your daily life behind and do fantastic things, like carving totally sweet turns in powder.

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So pull a Wolverine ski mask over your face and give the middle claw to Jack Frost, because whether you're snowboarding, pulling an impromptu Halloween costume together, or robbing a bank, whatever you do will probably be a lot more fun in one of these.

(Click through each pic for a product page.)

(via Walyou)

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