Comics artist Junko Mizuno ("Strange Tales") recently designed a custom My Little Pony for Hasbro, and it got me wondering whether there were more comic book versions of the collectible horsey toys of my youth. It turns out that there's a very active My Little Pony modding community that has produced AMAZING versions of everything from Galactus (complete with teeny tiny Silver Surfer) to every major Batman character, and even the cult web favorite Dr. Horrible.

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And ok -- "Star Wars" isn't technically superheroes, but the last two pony mods were just too amazing to leave out. Many of the modders do commissions as well, so follow the links to them if you want one of your own.


Captain America (and a Jack Kirby Mighty Mugg!) by Jodi K. Moisan

Classic Batman & Robin by Mari Kasurinen

Catwoman by Mari Kasurinen

Iron Man (a.k.a. Pony Stark) by Trillions

The Thing by Jodi K. Moisan

Spider-Pony by Trillions

Galactus and SIlver Surfer by Jodi K. Moisan

Wonder Woman by Trillions

Superman by Mari Kasurinen

Harley Quinn by Mari Kasurinen

Poison Ivy by Mari Kasurinen

Dr. Horrible by Requiem Art

Captain Hammer by Requiem Art

The Dark Knight by Anime Amy

Nightwing by Jupiternwndrlnd

The Tick by Ponies of Dooom

Naruto by Songbird21

Slave Leia
by Mari Kasurinen

Han Solo in Carboniteby Mari Kasurinen

Elsewhere on the web:

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