After a long, sobering look at James Stokoe's Galactus, which is terrifyingly huge and hyper-detailed enough to be at home in "Shadow of the Colossus" on your PlayStation 2, it's soothing to be reminded that the World Devourer can also be drawn as an intergalactic foppish Dr. Seuss character who could pass for a supporting character in an outer space adaptation of "The Lorax." Or at least that's how illustrator Aleks Sennwald saw him in the menagerie of super-powered beings floating around her portfolio on, along with Batman, the Hulk, and ROM: Spaceknight.

Batman, The Hulk and ROM: Spaceknight all appear in Sennwald's work. She makes The Hulk look happy enough to go up on nursery wallpaper through her use of flowers and a rainbow, though her take on Batman actually gets a little sad with some biblical and deathy tree imagery that looks like it was plucked from an Ingmar Bergman film.

ROM: Spaceknight may be her greatest triumph of all, though, and if the proper rights and creators ever come together for it, we should all hope that she'll be commissioned to design the cover for a ROM children's book some day.

[Via Geek-Art]

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