Marvel's final panel at New York Comic-Con this year was billed as “Superior Spider-Man & Friends," which does not mean Iceman and Firestar, but rather all the books coming out of the Spider-office led by line editor Steve Wacker – which include the last new "teased" titles to be unveiled at the show.

Wacker was on hand to lead the panel, joined by writers Dan Slott, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Nick Spencer, editors Sana Amanat, Ellie Pyle, Jake Thomas and Tom Brennan, and artist Humberto Ramos.

The first teaser unveiled at the panel was "The End," which was for the 27th issue of Superior Spider-Man, billed as a jumping on point for the series and the launch of a new storyline, Goblin Nation, from writer Dan Slott and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli. The panelists gave no hint as to whether this storyline would truly lead in to an ending for the Superior Spider-Man. but the PR we received said it would “change everything about Spider-Man forever," so, that's a nice change. As the title suggests, the story will pit Superior Spider-Man against the (or a) Green Goblin.



One of the most anticipated announcements was one that provided a welcome relief to fans of Kelly Sue DeConnick's Captain Marvel, who have been wondering for a while when the next issue would be solicited. The good news is it's coming in March. The peculiar news is that it's a new #1, announced barely a year after the last one.


“We're taking it cosmic," said DeConnick of the relaunch, which sees Carol Danvers taking the Buck Rogers route as she heads into space. The storyline is called, “Higher, Faster, Further, More," with art from David Lopez. Captain Marvel was not originally a Marvel NOW book, having launched three months ahead of the line-wide overhaul, and its audience might be described as fiercely loyal, but smaller than the publisher would like. Marvel is clearly demonstrating its commitment to the title by giving it an All-New Marvel NOW relaunch.

The teaser "Assassin" was, perhaps obviously, a new Elektra ongoing series from writer Zeb Wells and artist Mike Del Mundo. Amanat promises stunning art from Del Mundo, new assassins, and a slightly more covered-up butt for the character.




"Hunted" was the teaser for a new title starring Elektra's Thunderbolts teammate The Punisher, from Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerards. The new Punisher series sees the character relocate from New York to Los Angeles, where he'll be targeted by a highly trained government-sanctioned Punisher-buster squad whose true identity is a secret.


The most exciting new launch – obviously – is the new New Warriors title, from DC's former Red Robin creative team of writer Christopher Yost and artist Marcus To. The new team is made up of representatives of various different types of hero in the Marvel universe -- mutants, humans, mutates, Inhumans, Atlanteans, cosmic heroes and gods – including original New Warriors members Justice and Speedball and the latest incarnation of Nova.



The diverse team will go up against the High Evolutionary as he tries to wipe out everyone on earth who isn't a regular human. Wacker described the vibe as somewhere between “Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans and Vaughan/Alphona Runaways”.