Not long ago, the heroes and villains of the DC Universe collided with martial artists of various disciplines and moral alignments in the "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe" video game. Soon, the Man of Steel will scrape his knuckles against another unlikely opponent - none other than He-Man.

That's the news coming out of Toy News International - based upon information revealed in an issue of ToyFare Magazine, the website reports that Mattel's highly praised Masters of the Universe Classics line is heading to Toys R Us stores in the form of DC Vs. MOTU two-packs. Previously, the MOTUC figures were only available for purchase from Matty Collector.

The two-packs are set to feature one 6" DC Universe Classic action figure and one from the MOTUC line, with the first two pack featuring Superman and He-Man. These are re-released figures, so if you already have 'em and you're not the collecting type, you might want to give this line a pass. But if you're yearning to see Superman and He-Man trapped in carbonite alongside each other - and by carbonite I mean the packaging's plastic bubble - then this is your chance.

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