The DC Comics toyverse just got enriched with some tuberous titans with the announcement of Superman Mr. Potato Head and Wonder Woman Mrs. Potato Head. Referring to the plastic potato heroes as cosplayers, The Source reports that the figures will stand 6" tall and arrive in stores sometime this August. Both toys feature "classic" designs rather than costumes from DC's "New 52" continuity or various multimedia interpretations of the characters. Batman's The Dark Knight Spud incarnation, which is set for a slightly earlier release this summer, will probably still form a suitable starchy trinity with the two potaheroes, though. Given Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head's costume choices, one can only imagine what form their offspring might take. It's doubtful fans will ever see a Lara Spud from The Dark Knight Strikes Again, but it should be interesting to see if customizers get cracking come August. Take a look at DC's superheroic Potato Heads after the jump.

[Via The Source]