Top Shelf's upcoming Swedish Invasion just keeps getting more stylish, with a new video intro where Swede comic shop owner Erkki introduces three of his comic creating countrymen and their works with charm, class and style. Produced by the Swedes themselves, the trailer-of-sorts briefly samples Simon Gardenfor's "120 Days of Simon," Mats Jonsson's "Hey Princess" and Kolbeinn Karlsson's "The Troll King."

As a dude who's up-to-date on each of these titles, I must say the introductions, while intended to evoke a few chuckles, are pretty concise. It's sex, drugs and rock 'n roll the Swedish way. After catching each testimonial, you'll definitely find yourself craving a flip-through of these titles; making the wait until their April release dates that much less bearable.

Give the commercial a view after the jump. You'll have a blast and maybe, just maybe learn something about Swedish comic culture.

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