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Fantastic Five: Best Science Heroes
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years on the Internet, it’s that there’s no aspect of comics that can’t be broken down and quantified in a single definitive list, preferably in amounts of five or ten. And since there’s no more definitive authority than ComicsAlliance, we’re taking it upon ourselves to compile Top Five lists of everything you could ever want to know about comics. This week we're looking at the top five science heroes in comics!
The Hunt Is On In 'Atomic Robo And The Temple Of Od' #1
Atomic Robo, everyone's favorite pulp-action adventure hero who is also a robot, is back in an all-new miniseries that fills in some of the biggest gaps in the character's history. The series --- created by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener --- are some of the best all-ages adventure comics you can get your hands on, and ahead of the first issue's release next week, IDW have provided us with an exclusive look at Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od #1.
Preview: Giant Robots In 'Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire' #3
Atomic Robo has always had a tendency to throw down with pretty massive threats. Even back in the very first story arc, he was already dealing with giant ants and having to figure out new and exciting ways to make them explode. Now, though, there's a massive, self-replicating monster threatening the world, and it seems like the only way to deal with it is to nuke it so hard that it would literally destroy the rest of the planet along with it. That's the bad news. The worse news is that Robo no longer has his backup, his company of action scientists, or even his body, having lost all of those two years ago when a conspiracy took it all away and left him in the wind. But next week, as Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener's Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire enters its third issue, things might just be looking up. Check out a preview below!
Preview: Get Ahead With 'Atomic Robo And The Ring of Fire' #1
If you're the kind of person who loves robots, explosions, and robots who are prone to both causing explosions and being exploded themselves, well, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that there's a new Atomic Robo series kicking off next week from IDW, and in the eight years that book has been coming out, I don't think there's been a single story where something didn't explode, usually at the hands of the title robot. The bad news? Robo himself is currently dead, and has been reduced to a non-functioning and disembodied head while the remnants of his support team from Tesladyne are scattered across the world trying to avoid being murdered by sinister government forces. That said, this is only really bad news for the characters --- for the reader, that's a recipe for a pretty good time. Check out a preview from Brian Clevenger and Scott Wegener below!
Atomic Robo' Is Making The Switch To Webcomic
I think it's safe to say that we've all gotten used to the idea of webcomics making the transition into print, whether it's through a Kickstarter campaign or being picked up by a publisher. It happens all the time, but it's a whole lot more rare to see it go the other way around, with a printed comic going up on the web -- which is exactly what's happening this week with Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener's Atomic Robo. After seven years of science adventures across multiple eras, Atomic Robo is transitioning to a full-time webcomic at on Wednesday, January 21, The whole series will be online for free, building up to the debut of the tenth volume, Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire, this Summer.
Atomic Robo: The Hostile Interview
Last week, Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, the creators of Atomic Robo, launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a whole bunch of new merchandise for fans of their all-ages action adventure comic. The centerpiece of the campaign:The Tesladyne Field Guide, a handbook for new recruits on how to deal with the bizarre super-scientific situations that Atomic Robo finds himself up against every day. I
‘Atomic Robo: Violent Science’ iOS Game Coming In March [Video]
Atomic Robo has been to Japan, the Amazon, and even Mars, but now he's venturing into some previously unexplored territory: the world of iOS video games. This March Atomic Robo: Violent Science, based on the AR comic series by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, is an action-platformer that will be available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch...
Explaining The Silent, Four-Second ‘Atomic Robo: Last Stop’ Animated Clip [Video]
If you were paying attention, you might recall a Kickstarter last year that raised money for Last Stop, an Atomic Robo animated short film. To call it successful is a bit of an understatement -- it racked up over $72,000 after setting an initial goal of just $12,000, which led the animators at the Fictory to scrap what they'd already done and start over, taking advantage of their new, higher budg
Ask Chris #113: Just What IS A Super-Hero, Anyway?
Here at ComicsAlliance, we value our readership and are always open to what the masses of Internet readers have to say. That's why every week, Senior Writer Chris Sims puts his comics culture knowledge to the test as he responds to your reader questions...

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