The War Rocket Ajax 100th Episode Podcast Spectacular
With 71 updates before we landed here at ComicsAlliance plus our corporate-sponsored installments, this week marks The 100th Episode of the War Rocket Ajax Podcast! To mark the occasion, hosts Chris Sims and Matt Wilson are joined by original co-host Eugene Ahn (AKA Adam Warrock), fan-favorite guests Curt Franklin and Chris Haley of Let's Be Friends Again, and special surprise guests Chris Robers
Comics Everybody: The History of Cable Explained [Comic]
It's time again to break down the convoluted history of a comic book character in the recurring segment we call Comics, Everybody by Curt Franklin and artist Chris Haley of Let's Be Friends Again. Today's subject: Cable, one of the best known Marvel Comics characters from the '90s, and currently preparing for his big return in next week's Avengers: X-Sanction #1...
Cartoonists Respond to Frank Miller’s Anti-Occupy Rant [Webcomics]
Martha Washington Goes To War and Batman: Year One writer Frank Miller's controversial remarks about the Occupy movement have inspired passionate response from members of the comic book community, mostly in the resoundingly negative. So intense was initial reaction to Miller's tirade against the increasingly beleaguered protesters around the country -- he called them "louts, thieves and rapis
ComicsAlliance Design Meeting: DC’s ‘The New 52′ Logos
DC Comics released this week via Newsarama the logos that will adorn the 52 new #1 issues that constitute the publisher's ambitious line-wide superhero relaunch, which kicks off August 31 with the release of Justice League #1. Along with the redesigned costumes and retooled character concepts that we've discussed at length here at ComicsAlliance, the new logos are an integral component of what DC
The ‘Let’s Be Friends Again’ Forum Hosts The Greatest Argument About Comics Ever
If you've been on the Internet for more than five minutes, you've probably noticed that it serves primarily as a place for people to argue about things, and the Let's Be Friends Again forums are no exception. In a thread called The Next Event comic started by Socialfist creator Luke Herr, the webcomic's readers are engaged in a heated debate about upcoming titles, which creators are past their pr
Captain America Donuts Inspire Great Webcomics, TV Ads and #THEPACT [Video]
As effective a hype-builder the latest, greatest Captain America: The First Avenger trailer was, what's also building lots of anticipation for the film is, believe it or not, its promotional tie-ins with Dunkin' Donuts. The Captain America donut has been a popular topic of discussion on Twitter, as has the special Cap Coolatta with its limited edition Tri-Cup and charming and clever television com

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