Bat Stuck In Hell: Songs From the Lost Batman Musical
As the Spider-Man's big musical debut, "Spider-Man: Turn Out the Dark," continues its uncertain march to a possible Broadway premiere, our spider-sense is warning us of a possible huge spider-flop. It sounds ridiculous from the start: A Spider-Man musical written by U2's Bono, directed by the Julie Taymor (who directed the Broadway version of "The Lion King"), with Alan Cumming
The Superman Musical: 90 Minutes of Singing, Crying Man of Steel
While the Spider-Man musical hovers in the theater version of production hell alongside the floating head of Bono, another superhero musical has surfaced on the internet: "It's a Bird.. It's a Plane... It's Superman!" All 90 minutes of the 1975 TV special (based on the 1966 Broadway show) are now online...
Bollywood He-Man, Master of Creepy Universe
Ok, I'm going to try and explain this in one sentence: Basically, there's a Bollywood version of He-Man where the lead character looks like he got pulled out of the Beastmaster series, although mostly he just stands there and poses while a woman with a high-pitched voice gyrates around him and men in $19...
U2 Wanks Into Camera Over Spider-Man Musical
Bono and The Edge of U2, who are scoring the Spider-Man musical, turn the wankery up to 11 in this interview where they talk about how the story of Spider-Man is really the story of every rock and roll star, which is to emerge from unpopular youth into self-obsessed superstardom as a form of vengeance on the people who picked on them...
“Magnetic Fields” Frontman Creates “Coraline” Musical
Stephin Merritt, lead singer for the indie band "The Magnetic Fields," recently launched an off-Broadway musical version of "Coraline," the Neil Gaiman book (and movie). In an interview with "Black Book," he talks about Gaiman's potential as a crossover artist, and how his play stacks up again the $75 million-grossing animated film:"We like to think to say that o