Way and Dillon’s ‘Thunderbolts’ Brings a MAX Flavor to Marvel NOW [Review]
The first thing you'll likely notice about the new Thunderbolts #1 from writer Daniel Way and artist Steve Dillon is that it is a violent comic. It's also not necessarily the comic you were expecting. It's fair to say that this version of the team, which now includes Venom, Deadpool, Elektra, the Red Hulk and the Punisher, is an attempt to New Avengers-ize the Thunderbolts title, replacing the c
How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love ‘The Hulk’ by Jeff Parker
Last week, I finally sat down and read through half a year's worth of Hulk, and I'll be honest: It wasn't really something I'd been looking forward to. Most of my doubts came from the fact that rather than Bruce Banner, this was a book that would be focusing on the Red Hulk, a character that I could not possibly have cared less about...
Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman Ready to Smash on ‘Hulk’
After telling a story that spanned a couple years and a series of successful crossovers, Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness have finally finished telling the story of the Red Hulk, General Thunderbolt Ross. With the upcoming 24th issue, Loeb and McGuinness are leaving Marvel's latest gamma-irradiated monster behind...