Courtesy of Marvel, ComicsAlliance brings you an exclusive preview of Hulk #28, wherein writer Jeff Parker and artists Gabriel Hardman & Mark Robinson lovingly depict the Red Hulk beating up all kinds of awesome things including the dinosaur you see above. It's all part of the creative team's "Scorched Earth" storyline, which has been a real treat if you're a fan of the Hulk smashing his enormous fists into the guts of fierce creatures -- and we know you are. Featuring a cover by Ed McGuinness, this issue goes on sale December 15.

Click after the jump to check out the exclusive artwork.

HULK #28

Writer: Jeff Parker

Colorist: Elizabeth Breitweiser


In Stores: December 15, 2010

Price: $3.99

SCORCHED EARTH CONVERGENCE! Rick Jones (AKA The A-BOMB) finds the source of the next DOOMSDAY scenario & immediately gets in over his head on the most dangerous patch of ground in the Pacific...MONSTER ISLAND! Fortunately for Rick- (or not)- RED HULK is nearby and heads in for the deadliest mission yet. Can our monsters stop their monsters? Or will they become the key pieces in the INTELLIGENCIA's master plan?

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