Want to know how to really piss off a Hulk? Kill one of his friends. This fall General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross will lose one of his closest allies, setting the Red Hulk on the warpath. Seeking vengeance, Rulk will travel to the Middle East against the wishes of the US government. This rogue action will send General Fortean, his new arch-enemy, on his heels with weapons at the ready. Steve Rogers and the Secret Avengers will also be in hot pursuit, further complicating the Red Hulk's mission. Hulk of Arabia will see if Ross can mete out justice before he sparks an international incident.One more complication: new villain Sultan Magus and his minions are on the scene meaning the entire situation has gone south before it even got started.

Regular series writer Jeff Parker and oncoming artist Patrick Zircher introduce Hulk of Arabia in October's Hulk #42.

See preview images from Hulk of Arabia below:

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