At the risk of sounding dramatic, I think I like "Beasts of Burden" enough that even if writer Evan Dorkin and artist Jill Thompson decided to shove me down a flight of hedgehog-adorned stairs (angry ones, even), I'd maintain my poise despite the punctures and politely ask them to sign a copy of their upcoming "Animal Rites" hardcover. Crafting every horror fan's version of the ultimate talking animal film within the space of one perfectly-paced, beautifully painted and cranky pug-infused book just has that affect on me.

My clear cut bias for comics containing pugs aside, "Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites" is a great (don't make me say "purrrrfect") bet for those who may have missed the series' serialized issues or have only read shorts online. Containing each and every BoB tale from their debut Dark Horse anthology shorts to the most recent four-issue miniseries, the hardcover's 184 pages are ripe for newcomers and completionists alike.

See our preview of a piece of the HC bonus material after the jump, but [SPOILER WARNING] be prepared to catch the tail end of a certain scene, even if it doesn't give away anything that came before it.